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The Anzac Day ceremony of 25 April is rich in tradition: Simplicity Funerals

The Anzac Day ceremony of 25 April is rich in tradition and ritual. It is a form of military funeral and follows a specific pattern. The day’s ceremonies have two major parts: one at dawn and another later in the morning.
The Dawn Service:
A typical commemoration begins with a pre-dawn march by returned service personnel to the local war memorial. Military personnel and returned servicemen and women form up about the memorial, joined by other members of the community. Pride of place goes to war veterans.
The Anzac Parade:
Another ceremony takes place later in the morning of 25 April. Returned service personnel wearing their medals march behind banners and standards. The veterans are joined by other community groups, including members of the armed forces, the Red Cross, cadets, and veterans of other countries’ forces.
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