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Music Mix 2024: Nelson City Presents

Community Events Update 26.04.24

Music Mix 2024

Music Mix sessions is a joint initiative from Nelson City Council, the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts and Multicultural Nelson Tasman.
It is a chance for people to discover the universe of music, from voices to strings, from percussion to knobs and faders. These events are designed for people to explore music and show them the opportunities to pursue their interests further.
Four Music Mix sessions will be held, all at Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre. They are free to attend. The audience will be encouraged to sing, play music, and interact with the musicians. One session will be held at ncma, included in their Open-Day.

Saturday 18 May – Vamos (Samba) – Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre
11.a.m. – 12p.m.

Vamos! (Let’s Go! in Portuguese) – a dynamic percussion and dance performance for primary school-age children. The performance combines the vibrant rhythms and dances of Brazil infused with global beats that will get you grooving and moving! Come and play various percussion instruments and explore the joy of making music together. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn, dance, and create music in a fun and engaging way.


Saturday 25 May – Waimea College Mary Poppins (Musical Theatre)
Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre – 11.a.m. – 12p.m.

Mary Poppins is coming to Nelson!
Waimea College is very excited to bring you the long-awaited stage production of this iconic show 26th-29th June 2024 at the Theatre Royal. Come and hear about what it takes to put on a full stage production. Our students have been working hard in the cast, as a dancer, playing in the orchestra or behind the scenes, and we are pleased to perform just a snippet of our show for you today.


Saturday 01 June – Lloyd Houghton (Banjo) – Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre
11.a.m. – 12p.m.

Lloyd has been playing banjo off and on for over 50 years. He started playing in the 3-finger bluegrass picking style. When he moved to Canada in 2012 Lloyd discovered old-time music, a precursor to country music. In this genre the banjo is played in a style known as clawhammer.
He moved back to Nelson in 2019 and now plays with a small group of friends playing both traditional old-time tunes and his own compositions.

Sunday 09 June – Joel Orchestra + Children’s Concert + Kath Bee
OPEN DAY at NCMA 4p.m. – 5p.m.

Come, see, and hear the beautiful sounds of an orchestra conducted by our local, Joel Bolton. The Junior Youth and the Greenhill Community Orchestras are part of the NCMA’s Orchestral Pathways program. The groups welcome players of all ages to join an orchestra suited to their skill level and experience.
For this concert the orchestras are joined by well-known children’s song writer and performer Kath Bee in a programme of popular contemporary and classical music aimed at the young and the young at heart.

Saturday 15 June – Tessa Quayle (Vocalist – different genres)
Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre

Singer Tessa Quayle, will walk you through different aspects of learning, performing and enjoying singing. Tessa has been teaching and performing for many years including jazz and improvisation, so would love to show you how to safely leave your comfort zone and try something new!
Tessa is currently teaching singing and violin at several schools in the Nelson region and is Arts Coordinator at Nelson College. She is also in an 8 piece soul band, a Bossa group, leads her own jazz band, occasionally performs with the NSO, and sings at big festivals and events such as Opera in the Park.

Rock the City, Friday 31 May 2024

Rock the City is back! Nelson’s long-running youth music concert is returning to the Theatre Royal Nelson.
Rock the City is a non-competitive band showcase that is all about supporting our talented young musicians and giving them the opportunity to play in a professional environment to an audience of their peers. Each artist will perform 2-3 songs for a supportive and enthusiastic crowd. With multiple bands on the bill, there’s sure to be something for everyone, from indie rock to acoustic ballads and everything in between.
So, bring your friends & family and get ready to be blown away by the talent on display. This is a night you won’t want to miss!
Currently the band list is:
Shed Heads
Imperfect Circles

This event will be supported by Nelson Youth Council.

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