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Funding keeps Hospital Shuttle Service moving, one ride at a time

Photo: Shuttle Caption: Nelson Hospital Shuttle Service volunteers, Clive Workman and Kathleen Cuthbert with one of their volunteer drivers, Jim Cross.

Since its humble beginnings in July 2006, the Nelson Hospital Buggy Service has been vital in assisting countless individuals to navigate the undulating grounds of our local hospital. At the heart of this initiative is Kathleen Cuthbert, the dedicated organiser who has been steering the voluntary-run service with an unwavering commitment since the beginning. The shuttle service is entirely fuelled by the generosity of donations and the selflessness of over 25 volunteers. With vital support from benefactors whose contributions are indispensable for its survival, the shuttle operates Monday to Friday, ensuring that no one is left stranded on the hospital grounds. “Without the support we already have and grants from other organisations, we simply could not exist.”

Clive Workman emphasises the critical role that grants such as that from Network Tasman Trust play in maintaining the shuttle and ensuring the ongoing safety of its passengers. “The Rotary Club has been instrumental in providing major funding that sustains our operations, yet, it is the added kindness of individual donors, such as Network Tasman Trust and the generosity displayed in our onboard donation box, that also keeps us going. From purchasing new tyres to repairing damaged canopies, every
donation makes a tangible difference in our ability to provide a public service.”
The impact of the service speaks volumes, with over 10,000 passengers shuttled between July 2020 and September 2023 alone. Such recognition has not gone unnoticed, as the team proudly accepted the Tasman Award for their outstanding contributions and was honoured with a Health Department award at Parliament House by Dr. Ashley Bloomfield.
With call buttons across the hospital grounds, the team are keen to raise funds for the installation of security cameras to safeguard the vital signifiers. “Additionally, we are proud to announce the upcoming installation of a plaque and seat in honour of Russell Egan and all volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to our cause. We extend a heartfelt thanks to those who have helped us out in the past along with an invitation to individuals to join our team of volunteers.


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