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New Head of Nursing appointment at NMIT

A recent and exciting new appointment sees Linzi Birmingham as the NMIT Head of Nursing.
Linzi comes with experience in nurse management – most recently as the General Manager of Nelson Bay Primary Health for the last 7 years. Prior to this position, she worked as a nurse manager of Emergency Departments in Waikato and Portland, Victoria. “I enjoy empowering and motivating people,” Linzi says. “Making people believe in themselves is my superpower.” Linzi has been a registered nurse since 1993 and held roles as a senior nurse in various departments in the UK and Australia with expertise in rural health and urgent care. She also has experience as a chair of independent boards and clinical governance. With a strong academic record and qualifications in both nursing and management, and experience teaching and assessing clinical practice, Linzi is ready to put her skills to great use here at NMIT as Head of Nursing. “I have a lot to share and am looking forward to having a positive impact on both the team here at NMIT and the students,” she says. “I am looking forward to being actively involved with learners, so they get to know me and feel comfortable coming to talk to me.” A vegan and an animal activist, Linzi was also a Captain in the British Army as a nursing officer. In her spare time, Linzi enjoys her grandchildren, Lacey and Logan, her two rescue horses and her two rescue dogs.

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