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Greetings dear friends & fellow navigators, welcome to my world this week. Choices are a funny thing I suggested a couple of articles back. An old, familiar road feels monotonous because it limits our opportunities. A new one seems intimidating as we do not know where it will take us. Yet, a road is a road & if it remains untraveled, its mysteries will remain oblivious.

Sometimes, unexpected turns lead to the most incredible places in my experience. Whether things end up well or not, we want to believe everything was chosen for a particular purpose or end & there was nothing we could have done differently.

But this is simply our attempt at self-persuasion. We are guilty of continuing down the same, unfulfilling road, knowing it does not take us to the life we want to live. We should not justify our lack of choice for there is always a choice; we just do not dare to take it.

We are runners. We run away from our problems, live in denial & play the blame game. But we can also fighters. We eventually come face to face with our problems & fight them, as best as we can. It takes time to go from runners to fighters & then from fighters to winners. We would not be here if we gave up when life was hard. We would not have grown if we were not forced to adapt.

Change is hard, but so is staying the same. Residing within us are fictional characters ~ the past selves, the present self, & the imagined future self. Some bask in the limelight while others remain in the shadows. Each identity, rising from the ashes of its predecessor, carries the wisdom left behind. These identities ~ some, dark & guilty, others, happy & silly. No matter which one stands in the spotlight, it is a force still living inside.

In life, we often make decisions blurring the line between right & wrong, this or that, now or later. We will never know which the right choice is, it may not even exist. It is important to stay on the right track even if it feels like we are not moving. Just like a steady stream finds a way to cut through the mountains, dedication paves the way to our destination.

Life mirrors a puzzle, where various identities form the pieces on the board. The pieces may look random & unrecognizable, but when you put them in perspective, they fit perfectly like a key to a lock. It takes a whole bunch of pieces to finally create a big picture. So why should life be any different?

To all the different lives I have led, you all have made me, me. It has not been a fairytale, but it neither has it been a nightmare either.

Just few observations again dear friends, & provide merely an opinion in my world. Thank you again for stopping by, I appreciate your being here. If my journey encourages you also, all is well with my soul. I hope your days are filled with love & affection. Looking forward to being back next week; this is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson with best wishes.

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