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Wall to Wall with authentic and top quality local art

For years kiwis have enjoyed adorning their walls and homes with meaningful artworks. Many Kiwis travel and buy art that reminds them of their holiday. A carefully chosen artwork makes the ideal gift because it brings with it a story of an artist who has invested time and energy into mastering their craft. Often it’s a struggle or an obstacle they have had to overcome – the passion translates into artwork that kind of ‘rubs off on’ you when you see it.

It’s interesting, when you watch a historical documentary on Netflix, if you removed any references to artworks discovered there wouldn’t be much left to talk about. Art is as relevant today as it always was.

Good art can capture our imagination, reflect the time and space it was created and is unique. Nelson has many art galleries, and Wall to Wall Gallery is a unique collaboration made up of 13 local artists who work together to present their works in style.
Barry Driver

Located on Bridge Street, it’s right in the heart of the city with popular cafes and markets close by. The gallery is light, bright, vibrant and colourful, and is brimming with an inspiring selection of original artwork, art cards, prints and gifts by established and emerging artists, including work from regular guest/featured artists which changes every month. Media includes watercolour, oil, pastel, acrylic, mixed media, encaustic, fused glass, ceramics and photography.

Virginia Watson

As I enter the gallery, just a few minutes after it opens at 10 am, I discover there’s already been a sale. People drift in and out and chat about where they are from. Each artist is on a roster for opening and running the shop. Every month the space gets a full rotation and fresh layout as the front window feature space gets shared around the group. They feature 2 new guest artists each month, so there’s always something new to see. It’s quite a clever organisation.

Paul Deacon

The works are of a very high standard, so not just anyone can exhibit. Artists in the collab have a depth to their works, some are old hands in this game, while some are new emerging artists. One thing that unites them is a passion for creativity and working together in a community. It’s a down-to-earth independent style that sets Wall to Wall Gallery apart from the rest.

The range on offer is impressive. You can buy a beautiful birthday card for as little as $6 or a professionally framed painting for $2500. It’s a space you can show your friends who are visiting the region, and they will get a bargain. Galleries of similar scope in the major cities are twice the price.

Nicola Reif

Nelson has always been dubbed ‘The Arts Capital’ of New Zealand. Maybe it’s the sunshine, beautiful scenery, and relaxed lifestyle that projects this image. Creativity isn’t something that everyone is gifted with. It’s often misunderstood. There’s a certain mystery surrounding it. For example, there was a line of thought that it was a left brain activity, and the word left comes from the Latin word ‘left’ (Lyft) – which means risky, unpredictable or sinister. The word ‘Right’ in Latin (Dexter) means all things wholesome, trustworthy and notable. We see this in politics with Left-wing and Right-wing idealisms. Who was your right-hand man at your wedding?

MJ Steffens

It’s often pushed back in the list in educational institutions with Sports and Sciences ranking higher on the agenda. However, the artists seem to thrive here in Nelson. Thinking on a creative level isn’t easy and is harder in a busy environment.

How are your walls looking? If they are bare and boring, you know where you need to go!

Find them at 112 Bridge Street, Nelson

Explore the virtual tour at Wall to Wall Art Nelson

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