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From Valentin ~Monthly Feature Piece: New Zealand Centre for Fine Woodworking

From Valentin ~Monthly Feature Piece
This hi-fi cabinet is a project I first drafted last year while playing with strips of paper.
In January this year during Michael Fortune’s residency I was given the opportunity to develop and start the fabrication of this project and whilst juggling with my role as technician during those six weeks I managed to get the carcass mostly complete.
This project has been full of learning opportunities as well as problems to solve. I tackled kerf bending, steam bending, tapering sheets of MDF veneering of curved parts.
More recently I took on the challenge (and patience) of creating the front doors with Kumiko panels which was very time consuming.
My next process is the making of wooden pivots on which to hinge the doors. If all is successful and the plan works this piece will be showcased and for sale at our exhibition at the end of the year at the Parker Gallery.

Welcome to Alice our new technician who is a great sidekick to Valentin – they are a bit like Batman & Robin creating small workshop miracles on a daily basis.
Alice graduated from the 2023 Furniture Makers’ Programme with an all time record sales at the graduate exhibition with the sale of three of her four pieces.
Alice is currently finishing off a small run of four jewellery boxes. The first time she made the “Curiosity Box” was on term 1 of the full-time course last year.
After a good reception and subsequently her sale of this piece on the opening night at the Parker Gallery, she decided to time the overall process and practice her dovetails – 86 in total!

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