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Little India – Celebrating 20 Years Of Authentic Indian Cuisine In Nelson

20 years can feel like forever when you are a youngster. It seems as we grow older the years seem to fly by faster – especially if you are doing something you love!

This is the case with Mani and his wife Sonia, who moved to Nelson from the Northern part of India in the early 2000s. Not only have they embraced the colder climates, but they have also embraced the Kiwi culture in Nelson and have built a strong reputation here as a top dining destination.

Mani has been involved in the local cricket games and sponsors a local over 50’s cricket and Golf series. You can also see the trophies displayed on the bar as you enter. He also won 2nd place in Little India’s fastest Indian trophy in a local go-kart race!

“Having a young family has helped us adjust to the lifestyle and culture change, and with school events, birthday parties and sports we have made lifelong friends who have been very supportive and encouraging about what we are doing”.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best possible Indian food experience made from our grandmother’s recipes. There have been many challenges, but that’s when we see opportunities to try something new. To survive and thrive in the Restaurant business, the process of adapting to our customer’s feedback and suggestions has been a skill we have learnt to perfect.” says Mani.

The venue is tastefully presented with perfectly polished wine and beer glasses above the bar. There are cultural photos showing where they are from including photos of the founding family members. It’s immaculately clean and the layout suits a range of group sizes from single tables to medium-sized groups.

Now offering yummy cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails – it’s the ideal way to warm up your spirits during the colder months. They have a lovely Larger on tap called Jusbir – which is named after Mani’s grandfather. It’s only available at Little India and is lovely to drink. Its flavours are rich and full, plus it won’t leave you feeling bloated so you can enjoy your meal.

Did you know that they serve Cauliflower rice (which is low carb keto friendly). There’s no sugar or MSG in any of their recipes. Included are both gluten-free and vegan options so there’s something for everyone.

Their Little India app has been a game changer making ordering your meal for dine-in, takeaway or have it delivered to your door a breeze. If it’s a birthday celebration they offer a discount making it superb value and a nice gesture.

Download the app for Apple click here
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Their recipes are published in a book, which is something unique about Little India. Their passion to inspire kiwis to learn this style of cooking in the home says it all. You can order your copy from their website.

Many locals have incorporated Little India into their weekly food life and the loyalty program makes it even more worthwhile. With 11 Little India restaurants NZ-wide, they are growing as a group and have successfully embedded their unique style of cooking into the Kiwi culture. This is something not easily done, and 20 years is something to respect and celebrate.

They are open 7 days from lunchtime to late. Visit their website for more info

Know that when you dine at Little India you are supporting a genuine hard-working local business.

Find them at 269 Hardy Street, Nelson

Explore the virtual tour at Little India

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