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The pet-friendliest curtains & blinds: Russells Curtains & Blinds

If you want to create a safe, pet-friendly home, here’s some advice on what to consider when it comes to curtains and blinds, including durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to scratching or pet hair.

Let’s start with the pets themselves – we’re talking mainly cats and dogs here, but many of the considerations and solutions will be easily applicable to other free-roaming pets you have at home, for example, rabbits, birds or even lizards! So what are the hazards or things to consider when choosing curtains and blinds for a home with pets?

Some cats just love to scratch, bite, and climb fabric home furnishings such as curtains.

Cats and dogs can shed a lot of hair which can get stuck to curtain fabrics and some rough textured blind materials.

Some pets enjoy getting a bit mucky, which is fine while they’re outside. But once they’re indoors, that dirt can easily transfer onto your curtains and blinds.

Pets love to look outside, which is why they wiggle in behind window furnishings. They also like to play and some curtains and blinds come with cords or chains (to operate them) that might look like tempting toys. But sadly, they can pose a strangulation risk. You might have also seen the odd picture on social media of cats and dogs who have got themselves all caught up in slatted venetian blinds. It’s funny on the internet but less so if it happened in your own home.
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