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We, we Humans…

Greetings dear friends & fellow navigators, welcome to my world this week. We really are creatures of paradox & self-contradiction. We seek love, yet fear vulnerability. We pray & preach for peace, yet continue to fight wars. We crave deep connections, yet guard our hearts with walls. Being a human is not easy.

There are seven colours in a rainbow, but a million colours within all of us. Just as no two people see the same rainbow, the shades we wear are unique & everyone perceives them
differently. What one person deems important may appear insignificant to someone else. What one sees as a right might be viewed as a privilege by another.

So what does it mean to be human? To be a human is to have the urge to scream but still not make a sound. It is to be afraid & silent like our mouths are forever bound. It could also be to have a side who wishes to sabotage & see the world burning in the reflections of teary eyes.

To be a human is to experience the desire for physical touch, often mistaking pleasure & lust for happiness & love. To be a human is to look down on the view from our conservatory on a
wet day & think there is no other choice. It is to lose yourself enough to give in to the seductive voice of the devil…

We have within us the potential to be bad people. We have in front of us the opportunities to misuse & abuse, & some take it because we are selfish little creatures. We run away from our crimes by buying our way out. We take advantage of the weak by showing them bundles of paper. We see the worst in others & whisper in each in the ears of others. We blot the colours with darkness not knowing it lasts several years.

Sometimes, we are on the other end of the system where all we can do is grieve. We lose faith & question the meaning of existence. Peace becomes a constant battle & we become so
consumed by struggle, we lash out in uncontrollable anger, leaving scars which never heal. We become villains in our own life & make the same mistakes, countless times.

Does humanity also have a bright side? To be a human is to pour love & kindness into the well of life ~ one to serve until the end of time. To be a human is to raise our voices for what is just. A ripple starts a wave, a movement to never rust. To be a human is to be the bigger person when the occasion comes. It is to forgive & pick up all the broken crumbs. To be human is to rebuild & recreate. It is to rise time & again until we change our fate.

We have within us the capacity to be good people, even in the most unexpected situations. A single act of kindness can set off a chain reaction & this eventually makes its way back to
us. Sometimes, people look into our eyes & see what we cannot see ourselves. Their faith drives us to become better people, finding the courage to gather all the broken pieces. It may never be the same again, but it can still be beautiful.

Life often pushes us to the edge. But it is in these moments, when we look down, & we learn the bravest decision of all: to live & give ourselves another chance. The end is not the solution, for everything in life eventually passes. We take a shot & move forward, believing life can surprise us again. Our challenges will come & go, but we belong on the right side of history ~ where every fallen hero pays the price which needs to be borne.

Each shade in the spectrum tells a tale of what it means to be human. Some reflect our inherent goodness, while others harbour our hidden darkness. No one person is better than the
other. We are all different people, but we are all the same colours.

Just few observations again dear friends, & provide merely an opinion in my world. Thank you again for stopping by, I appreciate your being here. If my journey encourages you also, all is well with my soul. I hope your days are filled with love & affection. Looking forward to being back next week; this is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson with best wishes.

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