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Letting Go…

Greeting dear friends & fellow navigators, welcome to my world this long weekend. Letting go sounds so simple, yet it is an intricate dance few of us have mastered. We cling to memories, nurture grudges & carry around emotional baggage weighing us down like an anvil made of regret & resentment. But what if I suggested, beneath the burden lies the liberating art of letting go.

Imagine your mind as a vast, cluttered attic. Every experience, every hurt, every outdated belief is a dusty box crammed into the corners. With each passing year, the attic becomes more chaotic & more suffocating. Yet, we desperately grasp at these boxes, terrified of the emptiness releasing them might bring.

Here is the sad joke though: those boxes are like anchors, a metal device digging into the earth weighing & holding us down, preventing us from soaring. Letting go is an inside job, & is not about slapping a spiritual Band-Aid on your wounds. It is an intricate process of untangling the knots keeping you tethered to the past.

Think of every lingering grievance, every “what if,” every obsessive replay of hurtful moments as a tightly wound knot in your mind. Letting go is locating those knots, one by one, & gently loosening them until they unravel.

It is examining ancient beliefs instilled in childhood & realizing they no longer serve you. It is forgiving yourself for past mistakes & extending the same compassion you would offer a dear friend. It is consciously choosing to shed the dead weight of resentments so you can ascend lighter & freer.

I remember being at a seminar once where the speaker dropped a pearl of wisdom shifting my perspective on letting go: “The beauty is not in what you add, but what you choose to remove.” Those words struck me like a cosmic tuning fork. We spend so much time accumulating ~ achievements, relationships, material things; but so little time removing what no longer aligns with our growth.

Letting go is the art of removal, of chiselling away the inessential to reveal the masterpiece underneath. It is deciding what thoughts, habits, & situations uplift you & boldly discarding the rest. Here is the truth: by letting go, you will gain more than you ever lost. When you finally release those soul-crushing expectations, the acid of past resentments, the dead weight of failures & self-judgment, you create space for new possibilities.

Suddenly, you can breathe more deeply, laugh more freely, & embrace the present with a childlike wonder. You will make decisions from a place of inner clarity, not knee-jerk reactivity & you will open yourself to richer connections because you have removed the barriers keeping others at bay.

Letting go is an art, a spiritual defiance against the shackles of stagnation. It is choosing to be a forever work-in-progress, sculpting your life with the deft hands of intention. So lace up those badass letting-go boots & start chiselling ~ your masterpiece awaits.

Just few observations again dear friends, & provide merely an opinion in my world. Thank you again for stopping by, I appreciate your being here. If my journey encourages you also, all is well with my soul. I hope your days are filled with love & affection. Looking forward to being back next week; this is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson with best wishes.

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