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Alice Snow’s ‘Cabinet Of Unnatural Curiosities’

Alice Snow’s Cabinet of Unnatural Curiosities,” is an immersive exploration into a world where whimsy meets the macabre. Explore mythical creatures and plants that come to life in vivid colour and intricate details. Inspired by the rich tradition of curiosity cabinets and taxonomy, this series invites viewers to delve into a realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur.

Come raise a glass and congratulate Alice at an opening festivity 5.30pm Monday 15th July.

When people of ethnic backgrounds are asked, “Where are you from?” not only does this question imply a lack of belonging, but it is also laden with assumptions. One of these assumptions is that there is a simple answer to the question, that they are from one specific place or background. In reality, people’s backgrounds are complex and layered. Within this collection, each
portrait offers a nuanced depiction, showcasing individuality while celebrating agency, strength, and beauty. Award-winning artist Naomi Azoulay draws upon her own immigrant experiences to capture the rich cultural diversity of Aotearoa’s communities. Through her artwork, she prompts viewers to contemplate the assumptions that often arise when
encountering people from different backgrounds. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and captivating collection of representational portraits featuring individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds in Aotearoa

Join Naomi also for an opening celebration 5.30pm Monday 15th July.

Matariki hunga nui!
A selection of 19 Matariki artworks, created by community group Te Ohu Weka and led by local artists Robin Slow and Mat Tait, will be exhibited at the Refinery ArtSpace, Whakatū from Friday 19th July – Saturday 10th August. These works feature in Maramataka Māori 2024-2025 | Te Ataarangi
Led by Robin Slow and Mat Tait, members of the community gathered at Onetahua Marae and collaboratively created artworks which have monoprints as backgrounds and then detail created using a variety of techniques.
Thematically, we reflected on the whakataukī:
“Ko te wai te oranga o ngā mea katoa”
“Water is the essence of life for all”
We considered the beauty of the many presentations of water – mist, rain, snow, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, springs, oceans, in fact, inclusive of all life carrying water. Then our focus turned to the challenges to the state of water in our country today and what we might do to protect and preserve this most precious essential life-giving resource.
All original artworks are framed and are for sale. Proceeds support reo revitalisation in Te Tauihu and Te Ataarangi ki Te Tauihu o Te Waka-a-Māui.
Please join us for an opening and a blessing Friday 19th July 5pm.

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