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Employable – setting job seekers up for success

A wise person once said that if you find fulfilling employment everything else in your life will fall into place. Finding the right job these days can be a real challenge. Especially for someone who has had a break from the workforce due to an injury or illness, it can be quite a daunting exercise.

Faced with questions like…Where do I start? What am I good at? What do I find fulfilling? What are my unique superpowers? What are employers looking for? Do I need to do a course? Is there any funding available?

Employable is a boutique employment agency specialising in helping job seekers and employers with the process of matching the right people with the right job. They are funded by the Ministry of Social Development, so there’s no cost for their services.

There is a short list of criteria for job seekers to qualify for their services, which you can find on their website, and Employable makes it easy. It’s a hub for useful information, and the employment consultants have strong relationships with employers, local funding providers, and relevant services that can help remove any barriers for clients to land sustainable employment.

On-site, they have a friendly team with a wealth of experience, having operated for over 30 years in the Nelson Tasman region. They help job seekers with tasks like writing a great CV focused on a particular job, cover letters, interview training, career counselling, and submitting job applications. For services beyond their scope, they can refer clients to other community organisations.

In addition to its core services, Employable offers a range of learning and development opportunities for individuals and organisations looking to develop new skills. Their team is locally and internationally experienced and qualified to provide these valuable services. They run workshops on topics such as Navigating the Workforce After a Gap, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Wellness at Workplace Workshops, and Supporting Staff with Health Barriers.

“We work with job seekers from all walks of life and employers from all sectors of industry. We know what the employers are looking for, so we are helping from both sides of the process. It’s a hugely rewarding feeling when we land someone a job and know how far that person has come with their confidence and skills. Many of our clients choose to stay in touch.” says Anessha

Removing barriers to success can involve a mixture of different approaches. At Employable, they also offer quality career counselling and life coaching with the main aim of getting someone a great job that is ideal for their individual needs or a job that could be a steppingstone to something better in the long term.

“We have a solid understanding of how people function and can work alongside employers and design a plan to ease someone into a role over a period of time. It might be what’s needed to build confidence and training as opposed to leaping into a role full-time and getting overwhelmed,” says Elmarie.

How has the Covid situation impacted job seekers in the region?

“We have noticed the young people who are now applying for jobs missed out on some significant personal growth events during the 2020 lockdowns. When they were 14 years old, the lockdowns prevented them from building confidence, and we’ve seen a lot of anxiety in that generation. We can help set them up for a win.” says Kelly.

“Nelson employers regularly impress us with their high level of empathy and understanding for job seekers who might need extra training or accommodation, such as those who need time to taper in after healing from an injury or adjusting after a traumatic experience,” says Elmarie.

Meet the Team:
Anessha: The Manager with a background in Human Resources, Training and Development, overseeing operations, leading the team, and ensuring that the agency meets its goals of helping job seekers find fulfilling employment and supporting employers in finding suitable candidates.

Elmarie: Employment Consultant and Career Counsellor experienced in PR, marketing, and career guidance. She is down-to-earth, easy to connect with, and ensures you feel at ease and in good hands.

Kelly: A success story himself, Kelly came from a background in the trades industry and had to pivot due to an illness that prevented him from driving. As an employment consultant, he is happy helping locals drive their career dreams and inspires everyone he works with.

David: Finance officer with over 59 years of experience. His specialities are precise budgeting and reporting. He also mentors clients who seek financial advice. He is camera shy, so you won’t spot him in photos.

“One of my clients called in last week. They wanted to get into the lucrative Australian Mining industry, and after a lot of coaching and support, they made the grade and is now thriving. For me knowing where that person was when they walked in and where they are now is truly amazing. It shows that with the right guidance anything is possible.” says Kelly.

You can visit Employable at their office on Waimea Road opposite Nelson Boys College. Check out their website for more information.

Find them at 70 Waimea Road, Bishopdale, Nelson. Call 03 546 9206.

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