Kuske is Nelson’s premium, service and design driven eyewear and sunglass boutique, conveniently located on Hardy Street and amongst some of Nelson’s best Cafes, locally owned Boutiques and Galleries. Our passion and purpose is to present a curated selection of independent, handcrafted eyewear brands with a focus on individualised fitting and consultation to the bespectacled people of Nelson.

Discover a different aspect of  eyewear and connect with the people behind the brands through their stories. Unusual and high quality materials are sculpted into unique frames with such passion and finesse that they come alive when they find their new owner.

The bespectacled people of Nelson deserve to be inspired by their eyewear. Eyewear should not be about just a brand name stamped at the temple of a frame, but about a personal statement, a physical enhancement, and a representation of the wearer.


Our Address:

258 Hardy Street Nelson


-41.274306254873, 173.28603908535

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