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There have been many opinion pieces and news articles published since New Zealand First announced they would form a coalition with Labour last week, but it’s still not abundantly clear what this change of Government will mean for business.

The sooner we have more certainty on some of the comments made by Mr Peters regarding New Zealand’s fundamental economic structure and settings, the better it will be to give businesses the confidence and certainty you require.

As a Chamber of Commerce, our role is work with the Government of the day to achieve successful outcomes for business. We support the statement issued by the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce that we will continue to advocate for a strong central focus on regional development, responding on a regionally-specific basis to challenges such as improving core infrastructure, and a renewed commitment to free trade – all with the goal to make it easier to do business.

The incoming government must avoid knee-jerk responses to perceived problems in immigration. The Chambers believe stopping immigration would be bad for businesses and bad for the economy. Instead we encourage the government to work with employers, to manage requirements around talent, and the Chambers of Commerce are keen to help with this.

There are many other issues that we are keen to pursue, and we welcome commencement of a conversation on these, as well as look forward to working alongside the incoming Labour-led government to ensure we get the right outcomes.

As part of our planning for our 2018 programme of events, we will be taking our change of Government into account and looking to bring you speakers and events to provide clarity and certainty on economic settings.

If you have any ideas, or specific concerns you’d like the Chamber to advocate on your behalf, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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