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Uniquely Nelson is responsible for the marketing and promotion of Nelson City and indirectly, we are an instrumental part of your own marketing. So what does this mean to you as a retailer, restaurant as well as non-retail service providers such as a law firms, accountancy companies or medical providers. What it means is that we are all in the same commercial space, physically within the CBD supporting each other but to a certain extent competing against each other. Times have changes and we have to change the way we all do business.

A recent and very good example of collective collaborating is the Moveable Feast, Feast for the Senses. An initiative launch 3 years ago that supports the hospitality sector over the winter months. This year we had 500 clients experience this event, next year we are looking at 800 clients including conferences and sports events. The big question is how do we translate this to the retail sector. Through communication and an openness to evolve as one working identity.

There is a lot of discussion around competing with online sales/internet but I believe this is not an adversary to be feared but an opportunity to embrace collectively to reach our objective, we are already doing this, we just have to develop our understanding of digital marketing but as one business community.

Being engaged and part of Uniquely Nelson will not only enhance your business collectively but positions Nelson City as a place to work, shop and enjoy for you and more importantly, your customers. Newly enhanced website with full directory Comprehensive and informative Retail newsletter, the UN Nelson Newsletter – Consumer database of 8000 Active, encouraging and engaging Uniquely Nelson Facebook Working collectively as ONE.

Please contact us at call us on 03 546-8405.

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