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Hungry Panda’s 10 Favorite Recipes Of The Month

It’s that time of the month when we check out our favorite recipes! Looks like May came to an end marking the end of the spring season. We feel like we made a lot of great recipes this month and we hope you feel the same way. Here’s the recap of our favorites with one new recipe to start off the video as usual. Enjoy! 0:00 Mango Jello Cake 2:04 Taco Cookies 3:18 Tea & Berries Ice Pops 4:10 Chocolate Acorns 5:19 Baby Donuts 6:56 S’more Brownie 7:46 Chocolate Black Forest Cake 10:17 Burger Cookies 11:11 Bundt Cake With Pudding And Gummy Worms 12:18 Chocolate Cups With Coffee Cream

Credit: Hungry Panda

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