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It’s that’s time again Congratulations to the newest members of the F45 Nelson 100 & 250 Club | F45 Training Nelson

Kleat what a guy he was soooooo excited to get to 100 and with all his time away he still manages to hit a studio no matter where he is travelling to! He has brought in so many new people and just kills it every time while still managing his injuries to make sure he can keep it going. Can’t say enough about this guy so good!!  ⚪️

Lashy made it to the big 100- What a guy all round sweet heart
His training has just gone through the roof, lifting heavy and always there to lend a hand – that’s our guy 

Aldo reaches his 250th!!!
He goes hard, loves watching the heart rate screens and laughing with others to help push through each session. Has lost a tonne of weight and continues to improve everyday! Way to go ehhhh

Craig, nothing stops this guy, he’s nuts!
Always keen to improve everyday and pushes himself to the absolute limit and loves it! Always challenging himself!

Nic- you could say F45 has changed his lifestyle, at F45 he works his ass off every session! His form and training has improved drastically and he has worked hard to come back from issues and injuries- what a star⭐️

Marie!! What a legend comes to training rain or shine despite her busy schedule she’s made such an effort to continue to work hard each and every class with 100% intensity!!

Outstanding team

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