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Meet Keren Eggers from Cruella’s Natural Fibre Boutique

I am Keren Eggers from Cruellas Natural Fibre Boutique at 155 Hardy Street in Nelson

I am passionate about working with colour, natural fibres and helping people to create. I have been a dedicated knitter since my childhood, and now I spend a lot of time assisting other people in learning to knit, crochet and create.

My other creative energies go into pattern dyeing, dyeing yarn, and my newest hobby of learning the art of spinning. I love working with colour, and it’s a pleasure to help my customers find colour that works for them.  The satisfaction people show when they’ve created a garment is very rewarding.

There’s something very therapeutic and rewarding about dyeing yarn, creating patterns and bringing them to life. I think in today’s society, many of us have become removed from the actual creative process, which has fantastic wellbeing benefits.

The feeling of fibre running through your hands is soothing, the rhythm of knitting, spinning, and crochet can be very meditative. In Nelson and Richmond, we have very active creative fibre groups.  I attended their Winter retreat at Teapot Valley a couple of weekends ago and took a tutorial to teach interested people mosaic knitting. It was such an inspiration to see the number of people at the event and their joy in creating through spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, crochet.

We are privileged to have such resources at our fingertips, and it’s so important to keep these crafts alive in our community.  I initially trained as an Occupational Therapist, then spent several years working in Health and safety, and human resources, before finding my way back to the more hands-on creative side of life.

At Cruellas we source natural fibre products, so I can offer our customers garments and fibres which are warm, durable and breathe.

I try to stock New Zealand fibres and garments as much as possible and have access to such high-quality fibres and yarns in New Zealand.  I think it’s essential to support the yarn industry in New Zealand.

We have lots of knitwear accessories instore so if you are looking for gifts, come and check out our ranges of hats, socks, scarves and gloves. 

Be in quick to  grab a bargain from our Sale yarns and Sale Possum Merino knitwear upto 30% off, and as always we are always happy to help you source the yarn you need for your next knitting project.

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  1. Am learning to knit and am needing a teacher to teach me . Every second Monday I have off every Tuesday I have off afternoon Sundays I don’t work are often days I could do pleas txt me or ring samantha

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