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Attention Business Owners: Making Loyalty Effortless

Making Loyalty Effortless

Everyone has a few loyalty cards nowadays, and some of us have a lot. It could be an airline loyalty card where you collect miles as a frequent flier, hotels that give points towards a stay, a restaurant that offers points for purchased meals, coffee shops where you get stamps every time you buy a coffee or just a retail store that gives you points when you buy something from them. 

I found myself having multiple cards and a “fat” phone case what I was not able to close anymore back in 2011. I thought that would be great if all my loyalty cards could be somehow stored on my phone. That was the day when CardLess Loyalty started its long and exciting journey.

Now you will think – Ahh… another loyalty card app – that’s nothing new… and you will be right – there are quite a few loyalty card wallet apps on the market today. Most of them are using QR or barcodes – it could be a physical plastic card with single QR or Bar code that is linked to your user profile and all your loyalty cards or electronic QR or Bar code stored on your mobile app. 

There is nothing wrong with QR/Barcodes, but we wanted to go a step further and make something more effortless and secure. If you had used QR or barcodes before – you might have noticed that sometimes you need to play around to position your card or phone for a scanner, so it can read it or even hand over your card or phone to the operator to scan it on the counter integrated scanner. We looked at the available technologies and decided to use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The idea is when you enter the store, you just open CardLess Loyalty app on your phone, press “Beam button” and store side application automatically detects and identifies you. 

We developed and implemented our own patent-pending transparent authentication method between customer and store to protect customer data. Even though our app requires an Internet connection, we implemented offline mode, so the app will keep working for you with all your cards, even if you lost Internet connection. 

Loyalty insights for Businesses are available based on anonymised, aggregated data which can help to analyse, track your loyalty programs and improve your business. Our solution will suit all kind of businesses – from little coffee shops to big retail stores with complicated loyalty programs. 

CardLess Loyalty is a fully owned and operated New Zealand company, delivering services locally and support our product locally. Please do not hesitate to contact us on or call Tamas on 0226074853 to get into a conversation of how to boost your business with CardLess Loyalty, understand more the potential and the background of the product.

More information about our product also available at our home page  

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