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Sam Aish, owner & operator of Coffee 101 shares his homebrew coffee methods

Hi, my name is Sam Aish I’m the owner and operator of Coffee 101, I have been working in hospitality and with coffee for almost 20 years here in beautiful New Zealand, Canada and Australia and still love the daily hospitality grind.

We are a family-owned and operated business in the heart of Nelson CBD, 101 Bridge Street, and the proud recipients of the Best coffee Venue 2019 in this year’s KONO Dine out Awards. Yay! 

I’ve been asked, “How do you, as a coffee expert, make your coffee at home?” So, I thought I’d share little insight into what I drink (coffee wise) at home. 

How you brew your coffee can make all the difference, to the taste and the buzz you receive. Some methods can be mentally taxing, others super simple.

At home, I use a French press, I use a coarse ground, with freshly ground beans, the hand feel should be close to sand, and I usually use a coffee blend. 

My other home Brew method and probably my favourite is to use is the Hario V60, it’s designed to be placed on top of a cup or a carafe, the V60 has a paper filter, and again I only use freshly ground beans. I prefer to use a single-origin coffee with a medium to fine grind. This method is a bit more taxing as it requires 5 minutes or so to brew and a few extras to get the best out of it.

For example, I recommend pouring hot water over the paper filter to remove any paper taste. You’re looking at 30g of coffee to about 450mls to 500mls of hot water (if you have a fancy kettle you can aim for around 80 degrees).  

In wetting the coffee grounds, you should see a bit of a bloom effect, try not to pour to much water in this stage of brewing, repeat this one more time. Then you can’t go wrong after that.

On occasion, I have been known to have an instant coffee if my 10-month-old son, Harvey, is hanging off my leg, but you didn’t hear that from me. 

Feel free to come in and talk to me at coffee101 if you want some advice around other brewing methods and a few more tips and tricks to get the best out of coffee at home. 


Coffee 101

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