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McClunie Brothers Motivation | Workbridge

Two brothers, Peter, aged 25 (photo-left) and Aaron, aged 24 (photo-right) joined Workbridge around the same time back in May 2019. They have both worked very hard on getting ready for work.

Both Peter and Aaron had great preparation support from Belinda Harte in the Nelson branch – everything from dress code, first impressions and selling themselves at an interview. One would usually see them in their board shorts and jandles – it was a hard one to crack to encourage smart dress for cold calling employers.

Peter and Aaron are the happiest pair, always bringing a smile to the Nelson team and very committed to finding work. As both brothers are almost twin like, it is easy to get their names muddled up and when this happened, they laughed it off and always spoke highly of each other.

It was Peter who gained work first supported by Nicola Zielinski. Peter lives with Dyslexia and Auditory Processing disorder. He needed a job with little paperwork and reading activity, and a role that provided routine.

The Sails, a luxury 5 star motel in the heart of Nelson CBD, had been advertising with Workbridge and did state they were looking for someone fresh to the industry to train up from scratch. Peter absolutely fit the bill. He went along for an interview, supported by Nicola, to meet the owner Mark. After that, he secured a working/practical interview, and two shifts later, he got the job providing housekeeping to the beautiful rooms at the hotel!

As soon as Peter gained work, younger brother Aaron was even more motivated to follow. Aaron lives with learning difficulties and stress. Aaron would sometimes meet with Nicola twice per week to meet with employers, drop CVs and in one of their meetings, they even looked for suitable work wear clothing which was a huge learning curve for Aaron.

Aaron then went along to Job Jam in Stoke in August and it was there that he touched base with Waimea Nurseries. Not long after, he gained an interview for a fixed term Nursery worker position and was successful! Nicola supported Aaron with his health and safety preparation.  Aaron’s smile showed that he was so proud that he had also been successful in gaining employment like his older brother.

Peter has now been employed for 5 months at the Sails Motel and Aaron has been employed for 4 months at Waimea Nurseries. They both touch base on a monthly basis with Nicola at the Workbridge office to check in on how working life is going.

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