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Imagine the potential when you gather a community of inspiring women. When you meet regularly to learn, support and encourage each other not just in business, but in all aspects of life.

Your Tribe Collective was founded by Caron Proctor in 2016, after a call to action from a few of her coaching clients, who like her were seeking to hang out with inspiring women but felt uncomfortable with a formal, masculine business networking model.

Caron is a larger than life soul and devoted Life Coach. She was herself lonely, and wasn’t aligned with regular networking. Moving from the UK in 2009, Caron missed her family, friends and networks only time, and love grows.

She too needed a support network, for her life, and business. Your Tribe started with 28 business members in Jan 2016, as Caron stepped up to the challenge, it quickly grew to become for life, AND business women – after all the most inspiring women in Caron’s life ran a family, not a business.

Your Tribe members gather together online in a private group, face to face in smaller groups named “Pow Wows”, at a monthly gathering and at the members businesses for fun events.

Monthly meetings are an inspirational occasion where the larger group meet at The River Kitchen Cafe in the early evening. It begins with a glass of wine, a little shopping and conversation, then the girls give shout outs to each other thanking members for support. It’s quite a moving experience to see genuine emotion filling the room as you can see where the magic happens. Some showcase their products and a Tribe member takes the spotlight, and talks about her journey, it always ends with energetic applause.

Of course, they love a glass of local wine and laugh a lot – but what you don’t see on the surface is the fundraising behind the scenes, the organisation of a last-minute wedding or a members funeral. Not to mention the late night emails, and Facebook messages, organising this group of empowered women is full on, but Caron wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hats off to Caron and her team! To learn more visit

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