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Night Garden – Locally produced meditation audio


We love seeing what local Nelsonians have been doing in the creative space during the Lockdown season. You will find this really interesting.

Founder of Life Coach Nelson, Caron Proctor has been busy developing a free audio tool to help people achieve better sleep patterns and become more present.

Caron says, “If we don’t get quality sleep everything becomes more of a struggle. When the mind is under stress it can be difficult to maintain routines that are vital to getting some restorative deep sleep each night.”

The Night Garden Meditations were recorded in Hummingbird recording studio and carefully designed/directed by Caron to set listeners up with a calming & mindful experience. It begins with a soulfully played guitar, then Strings gradually build in the background. A gentle piano enters later in the track and gives you the feeling of a warm glow on your back and then gently fades out.

The key of the song is in E or as trained musicians know the note of E resonates at 440 HZ. There is a lot of research out there that suggests that this frequency has healing properties.


There are 2 versions: (both less than 10 mins long)

1. Instrumental – music only.

2. Guided, where Caron gently talks you thru the process of breathing deeply and counting correctly with the instrumental in the background.

“When you start your practice you may feel agitated, or even angry, your mind is noisy and full of seemingly more important things to do. It’s weird that we brush our teeth twice a day, but we don’t clean our mind. We weren’t taught to do this, but we have a fear of bad teeth, so we do that! ” says Caron.

Apps like Thought Space are gaining in popularity as people begin to understand and embrace the practice of meditation to balance our busy lives.

To listen visit her website blog article and there are links to Soundcloud.

Click here to find out more


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