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Uplift and Float into a new world of relaxation

When life gets so busy that you feel like there is no time to stop and do something relaxing – it’s time to book in a float experience.

How easy is it to work ourselves into a stressed state where we run from coffee to coffee, eat on the run, maybe pop a Panadol to ease that nagging headache… it’s a cycle we all know too well, especially in our modern living environment we may stare at a screen for work, carry financial stress or run a busy household.

The Uplift Float Centre located at 56 Rutherford St (opposite Torpedo7) is owned and operated by Reuben who has always been a believer in the benefits of meditation and relaxation. The first time he heard about float tanks, he flew to Auckland and booked in a session, and came out with a smile on his face. With a new found clarity of mind, and the removal of some nagging creative blocks, he knew this was something the world needed.

“Amazing things can happen when you take yourself away from our ever busy and stimulated world. My dream is to share this and make it accessible to anyone,” says Reuben

Each float tank is beautifully constructed and contains salt water which is heated to skin temperature. You are guided thru how to open the lid and adjust the lighting inside to suit your preferences. Each float room contains a facilities and shower area, so you don’t need to bring anything – just yourself.

Reuben teaches you how to get the best out of your session, you simply lay back and float on the top of the water. It could be likened to floating in space or some could describe it as being back in the womb. Your mind rushes initially and you notice all the busy thoughts begin to diminish as your body relaxes. It’s pure bliss.

“Sometimes clients come out with new ideas or solve complex engineering problems or gain that clarity to make a big life decision. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.”

We highly recommend you have a go. After all, if we choose to look after ourselves we can become more affective in other areas of our lives. This could also be considered “living smarter.”

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