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How heart-warming it has been to watch as our region emerged from lock-down, so too did our community spirit.

The same energy we put into looking after each other by staying home and saving lives, is now being translated into saving local businesses now we are able to get out and about a little more.

Our social feeds have been filled with locals making the most of their favourite coffee spots reopening, embracing the way restaurants have adapted quickly to the new social distancing rules for dining, and enjoying a cocktail or beer at their local. In other words, Nelsonians are back and ready to eat, drink and be merry.

Food for thought though, about the habits we could perhaps take with us from our lockdown weeks – and how we can integrate them into our new post lockdown lives. How can we pour support into other local businesses who have retained and kept their staff too and now need our help?

It is safe to say, there wasn’t a garage safe from our new found passion – the home workout.

Never have I ever seen so many people moving. Walking, running, getting out from and with their ‘bubbles’,  exercising. Curls were done with cans,  dogs were exhausted, people were squatting, lunging, like their lives depended on it and we soon found out who our true friends were when we were tagged (or not – phew!)  to do 5km runs on Instagram or Facebook.

This amazing focus on our physical health, and how exercise aids our mental health, is one habit I hope we all continue and don’t lose sight of as soon as the hustle and bustle creeps back into our lives.

Let’s channel our collective new love for exercise into a habit that both sustains local businesses, and our physical and mental wellness. If you’re keen to keep those gains and take your at home fitness into your new world –  here are my top picks for local facilities.

I’ve suggested tried and tested locally operated gyms that support the newcomers, beginners, the fit, the fat and everyone else in between. The list isn’t exhaustive, but I’ve tried to mention one of each style of workout to demonstrate there is truly something for everyone.

All of the facilities mentioned have made significant efforts to keep their members and new-comers safe with robust hygiene and cleaning protocols, as well as distancing.

  1. 9Round Nelson – a kickboxing circuit training unlike anything you have likely tried before. A mixture of bodyweight movements and kickboxing fitness that gets the heart racing! I tried this post-partum and the one to one attention from the coach whilst in a group environment was really reassuring.
    The gear is brand spanking new, you can take it at your own pace and fierceness – and local athlete Dawn Chalmers is an ambassador which is convincing enough for me.

    Perfect for: the person who only has an hour to get in the door and out again, wants an intense and sweaty workout, safe for beginners, no prior experience required.

  1. Tasman Performance – this private gym is really different to others. The membership is capped so it’s never going to be annoyingly busy, and the membership is semi-private, where you receive individualized coaching in a team environment. There are never more than ten members training at any one time, and they offer nutrition services too.

Perfect for: the person who doesn’t want to queue for the squat rack, has some serious health and fitness goals, people at all levels, including a beginner who has no idea what they are doing with any gym equipment.

  1. F45 Nelson – this is group training at its peak. The vibe at this studio is second to none – the structure, gear and coaching makes you feel like you are truly part of something awesome – and the results from their regular six week challenges speak for themselves. The music is awesome, the community that has formed in this gym is amazing (they did group workouts over lockdown!) and they have truly opened a facility that is welcoming to everyone.

Perfect for: All shapes and sizes, particularly for 30+ people want to keep moving and fit and make a bunch of amazing like-minded mates. No experience in  gym required, very welcoming.


  1. Crossfit 7010 – another group training environment for those who like things to be a little more intense. Crossfit is functional movement – and a mixture of gymnastics, olympic lifting and high intensity training. You can start from nothing will nil experience, or be a gym junkie looking for a cool community and serious gains. The daily workout is different for each session too, so you can never ‘dread’ going. This gym is incredibly diverse with members of all abilities, shapes, sizes and ages.

Perfect for: All shapes and sizes, appropriate for any age too. If you hate mirrors at gyms, love an intense workout and the variety of weightlifting mixed with a sweat sesh then this is for you. 


  1. Victory Boxing  – a community gym for health, wellbeing and fitness. This is a really special facility, with a big focus on youth, family and community spirit. The boxing fitness training is perfect for people of all ages and stages – and quite popular for those CBD professionals looking to get a sweat up over lunchtime. This gym is an absolute gem for the community, with a highly successful Youth Programme, popular adult fitness classes, boxing athletes, beginners, a ‘women only’ session, parkinsons and breast cancer survivors classes –  just some of the timetable highlights.

Perfect for: Literally anyone! A very welcoming and honest vibe. Anyone is able to come along and slot right into the classes. Highly effective training for getting your lungs burning and heart racing! Mixed with some really cool technical aspects too.*F

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