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Quiet Dog Gallery’s New Exhibition ‘The Return’

Building up a collection, whether it’s Crown Lynn pottery, train sets or vinyl, is something we human’s love to do. Collecting art is endlessly enjoyable and you don’t need to have a lot of money to start.  But how do you begin?  A good place to start is by visiting galleries and working out what kinds of art you respond to.  It’s a very personal thing and you’ll find that your tastes will develop over time.  If there are any rules at all, the most important one is to buy what you love.  Don’t be influenced by how much you think an artwork may be worth in years to come.

Throughout June, the Quiet Dog Gallery is hosting a show especially for people who want to start on the journey of buying original artwork.  There will be work by established artists who have major exhibitions under their belt.  David Ryan, James Robinson and Lisa Chandler have all had solo shows at the Suter Art Gallery as well as internationally.  The other respected artists who have exhibited around New Zealand are Rosie Little, Ann Braunsteiner, James Kirkwood, Jane Tan, Jo Kinross, Greta Greenwood, Kathaleen Bartha and Richard Sellars.  All artworks will be priced at $500 or less (unframed) and the gallery is able to offer lay by arrangements.

We’ve all had weeks of staring at our walls.  If you feel less than inspired in your home maybe it’s time to start that art collection you’ve been dreaming of.

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