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Nelson Nature’s Pest Control Operation- On hold: Nelson City Council

We have had some feedback regarding the decision taken to go ahead with Nelson Nature’s annual pest control operation which is set to take place between 28 September and 9 October 2020.
During this period all tracks in the Maitai and Roding catchment areas were due to be closed to the public while the work is carried out by contractors.
Nelson City Council has a mixed strategy for pest control in these areas and utilises both recreational and professional hunting methods for the important work of maintaining Nelson’s high quality water supply, preserving delicate eco-systems, forest re-generation and providing access to recreation.
However, we understand that the timing of this cull over the school holiday period was problematic for some. For that reason we have decided to delay the start of the cull, so officers can work on plans for a staggered approach on Monday. This will mean tracks will not all be closed at once and access to the reserves will be possible. We will be able to provide more details on how this will work on Monday.
There are a number of recreational hunters who hold permits and hunt regularly in these areas, however it is critical that we utilise contracted professionals in an annual operation to ensure the whole area (more than 4200 ha) is covered systematically, efficiently and safely via land and helicopter.
For further details including FAQs, go to our website.

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