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Cinderella 2020: Coming soon to The Suter Theatre!

Coming soon to The Suter Theatre!
Cinderella 2020
Once upon a time there was a classic fairy tale brought to life onstage through the magic of dance.
Produced by Ballet Nelson director Adriana Vegas (Harper), formally of The Royal New Zealand Ballet.
Guest performers from Footnote dance company, New Zealand school of dance and Chilton ballet academy will be joining the cast. Plus a surprise guest appearance.
You all know the story, so join us to witness the rags to royalty journey of Cinderella as she dances and transforms with the help of her Fairy Godmother. Alongside her Mouse friends, Seasonal Fairies and Flowers.
Cinderella’s fashionable and sometimes comedic Step sisters and her evil step mother, who is repulsed by Cinderella’s natural charm and beauty will go to any lengths to win over the Prince.
Meanwhile the prince will dance his way on a quest to find true love.
Join us for a night of dazzling costumes, love, laughter, an array of creatures, characters, magic and Ballet.
Where: The Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatu
When: 14th & 15th Dec, 7pm
Thank you to:
Jamie Thomas Copyart for the poster!
Bianca Memories by Bianca ?
Jade Talbot & Katie Devine (poster models)

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