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Be In To Win Your Very Own Gold Panning Kit Valued At $150

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Have you heard of the saying go for gold?

How about as good as gold?

You said yes right?

In the Olympics what medal does everyone strive to get? Gold!

For more than five thousand years humans have even adorned themselves with gold and for good reason.

There is no mineral valued on earth higher than gold.

Have you ever wanted to find gold?

Have you asked yourself why?

What is this desire you have to find gold and why as humans are we attracted to gold?

I can tell you the feeling of finding gold is like nothing you would have experienced before, it is like holding a winning lotto ticket and forever hold that ticket in your hand.

We proudly and honestly say that the gold we use in our jewellery, is 100% ethically sourced gold that we have sourced ourselves from our own gold claim. And we are the only Jewellers in New Zealand doing this.

People stop and watch the videos we have playing in our shop window of us finding gold, then come ask us questions of how, where, what gear, what river…. It is endless and it is a pleasure to share the passion with so many others out there that have this attraction to gold.

Where to find gold legally is easy…..if you know where to look and ask the right questions.

Unfortunately many people don’t know where to start and assume they can gold pan for gold in any river they like not even knowing they are actually breaking the law.

We decided it was time to spend our time to put together a kit for you to learn about gold.

In each kit is a full brochure containing our knowledge with very handy tips, links on where to find gold in public fossicking locations, video links on how to pan for gold, as well as a gold pan, tweezers, glass bottle for your gold, a sniffer bottle and best of all a pack of “pay dirt” from our very own gold claim that I guarantee has a minimum of a ½ gram of gold! And FREE scales to weigh your gold! All for $150


It’s not an obsession; it’s been a human attraction for over five thousand years, its only natural.

Click here to find out more…

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