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Catch a glimpse of intriguing images: Nelson Provincial Museum

Stop to admire the Museum windows on Hardy Street and you can catch a glimpse of some of the intriguing images we have in our collection.
? We have recently uploaded 5,000 more objects and images on to our collections online!
Did you know you can order images too? Here’s your chance to create some unique Christmas gifts!
You can purchase digital images of objects, documents and photographs. Ordering is easy:
• Find your images using our collections online ? and note down the reference number(s)
• Complete the online order form at ?
• We check usage rights and then send you the invoice (usually within 1-2 days)
• Pay your invoice by credit card or bank transfer.
• Depending on demand, orders can take up to 2 weeks once payment has been received
• You will receive a letter stating the image permissions and image credit line, and a link to download your image file.
For more information, contact our imaging technician Tatsiana at ?

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