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Robert Harris – A Coffee Icon in the Heart of Nelson

Nelsons café culture is today an integral part of its identity as a city. Robert Harris is one of the most famous names in coffee in the country.

New Zealand’s coffee culture, perfected and refined in recent decades, is taking hold not at least in Nelson where new cafes are springing up. But how did a colonial outpost with tea-drinking British roots become internationally recognised for its coffee? Many in the industry see Robert Harris as the pioneer. He set up a shop in 1952, importing, roasting and grinding the beans. He was constantly tinkering and experimenting with his blends, recording his customer’s favourites in his book Favorites of Blends.

Today Robert Harris is one of the most famous names in coffee in New Zealand, recognized for great taste and high quality. With more than 40 cafes bearing his name and you can pick up a bag of his coffee at almost any supermarket in the country.

“The cafe culture is the highly specialized, high-quality coffee that people have come to know and love “, says Sonya Holdaway, owner of Robert Harris in Nelson.
So, what is the secret behind it?

“Well, you can have great beans and the best machinery, but most important of all is the skills of the barista. All our baristas receive extensive training in the art of making a great coffee. Robert Harris in Nelson City is locally owned, and family operated café. We all work well together like a well-oiled machine. But without them, this place wouldn’t be what it is”,
There are also food options to compliment your coffee.

Perfectly cooked cupcakes, mouth-watering eggs benedict, savoury muffins and lots more in the inviting food cabinet, full of delicious goodies. Robert Harris offers a unique atmosphere and ambience for socializing and relaxing. People can connect over coffee and spend hours here and enjoy the quiet atmosphere and divine decor.

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  1. We always enjoy our visit to RH, the coffee is always hot and enjoyable as is the food lovely presented. The staff always very pleasant and good for a joke. Most of all the place is always clean and tidy.

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