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Ask your local Florist.

Nelson florist Rosie Seek of ‘Expressions Florist’ answers some of her most commonly asked questions.
Ask your local FloristWhat’s the deal with Flower Food Sachets?
At Expressions we are often asked “What can I put in the water to help my flowers last longer?” or “Do you supply Flower Food?’
My answer to this is “Flower Food” sachets typically consist of 3 ingredients:
– Citric Acid
– Sugar and
– Bleach

That’s right… common household bleach!!
Though the cute name alludes to the fun idea that we are actually feeding out lovely blooms to keep them fresh longer, what these 3 ingredients are actually doing is keeping bacteria out of the water.
This bacteria makes the water in your vase murky and your flower stems slushy… thus making it harder for them to take in water.


Ask your local Florist.Many of our customers have mentioned that they had been told at some point that the sugar in lemonade “nourishes the flower”
Though Plants and Flowers do produce sugar during photosynthesis, they can not slurp it up through a cut stem like your refreshing morning smoothie. Sorry, basic Biology folks.
So, what we can take from this is… yes flower sachets and lemonade will keep your flowers fresher longer, but so will regularly changing the water in your vases or alternatively a couple of drops of bleach or citric acid added to the water!





Rosie Expressions Florist’

About the Author
Rosie has been a florist for 15 years, owning Expressions Florist for 7. In 2021 she won Ellerslie Flower Shows New Zealand Florist of the year.




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