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Detox Time at Health 2000

Ever wondered about “doing a detox”?
A “detox” is simply giving your digestive system a helping hand to remove toxins that build up in the body and cause health problems. The food we eat, alcohol we drink, tobacco we smoke, cosmetics and household cleaning products we absorb through our skin…they all contribute to toxin load.
5 signs to detox
• Feeling bloated or constipated: a red flag the digestive system is stressed and needs help.
• Tired and sluggish: long-term toxic load can lead to adrenal fatigue
• Skin breakouts and dry itchy skin: sometimes caused when the body tries to eliminate toxins through the skin
• Brain fog: finding it hard to focus or order your thoughts may indicate a liver in need of TLC
• Smelly breath and BO: body odour can be a sign your system is reaching overload
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Nourish your Joints
Most of us have heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone,” this is so true when it comes to your joint health.
Many of us do not consider the many functions that the joints in the body serve. In fact, any place where two or more bones connect, like the shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles are important for our everyday life and activity. Joints can often get tired and tight, causing a loss of enjoyment in day to day activities. Thus, highlighting the importance of looking after our joints.
GO Glucosamine 1-A-Day contains key ingredients for nourishing and supporting your joints in a complete, 1-A-Day dose. Each capsule contains high strength glucosamine with chondroitin, ginger, turmeric, and celery, supporting joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort, for healthy joint function,

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