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Earlybirds Tickets on sale ends Feb 21st! MarchFest

Earlybirds on sale until next week. Ends Feb 21st! Get yours now for $42

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Brewery Announcement? McCashin’s Brewery

A quintessentially Kiwi story – a tale of determination and resolve, of passion and pride.
Since the early 80s the McCashin’s have been challenging the status quo, doing things their own way to produce a range of exquisitely crafted beverages from the finest natural ingredients.
Never been afraid to lead the way with developing and refining their own unique recipes and handcrafting beverages from Nelson’s finest organic ingredients, they are proud to say “we’ve always been first in craft!”
What better place is there to sample their specially brewed IPA than at Marchfest? ?????
“Stoke Brohamster” Soft and juicy, this IPA beer brings a perfect balance of light, silky malt sweetness and a great pineapple and passionfruit nose finished with smooth bitterness.

?Music Announcement? Introducing Sonoraw!
Nelson’s own three piece band who play an eclectic mix of covers by artists such as Adele, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, The Doobie Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Alanis Morrisette, Queen and many other artists. The band consists of Betsy Hill (lead vocals), Amy Cunningham (piano and vocals), David Turnhout (guitar) as well as Tom Griffin will be guest featuring on the drums. As well as playing a range of well-known covers, Sonoraw have released two originals with a new single, Disease, to be released in 2021.

Funk Estate

Founded by three mates in a garage in Welly, Funk Estate has now found a new home with their mates Renaissance. Funk make a range of solid drops, as well as some bigger, bolder and the wackiest of numbers. Seek us out, stay funky.

Funk Estate’s special brew for Marchfest is Highballin Hoax – they say “some might call this beer a hoax especially the cocktail connoisseurs among us, this time round we got together with our friends at Beehave Meadary to create a Mojito Braggot. We added loads of honey, lime and mint to a complex malt base to create what we think is a really banger of a beer, rich complex and delicious!” Bang on!

Renaissance Brewery blurb

Producing beer since 2005, Renaissance Brewing are no newbies to the craft beer scene. Award winning pioneers who produce top end, ultra-premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses. Committed to using local ingredients Renaissance beers nicely showcase New Zealand hops malt in a range of British, American and European styles.

Based out of Marlborough this year’s special brew for Marchfest is Dez Nuts and they say “Dez Nuts is an English styled brown ale infused with hazel nuts which plays off the maltiness of the beer and tastes reminiscent of Nutella.” Perfect for those of you out there a bit nuts!


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