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Gentle Dental, your exceptional dentist in the heart of Nelson.

Are you so afraid of the dentist that you do not go even though you might really need to? You’re not alone. Many adults in New Zealand today suffer from fear of the dentist. It is common for some people to feel anxious or afraid before a visit. Some are afraid that it will hurt, others are afraid of being criticised or of feeling betrayed and lacking control over what is happening. Many are ashamed and are afraid that they will need a lot of work and that they will still not be able to afford it.

Practicing good dental health is important to maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. It will also help your appearance and quality of life.

Finding the right dentist is the most important thing when trying to overcome a dental phobia or dental fears. Not all dentists have the personality, time or interest for helping people who are anxious or phobic. At Gentle Dental you will feel welcomed and relaxed as soon as you step into the reception. You’ll enjoy a friendly, upbeat atmosphere of open communication.
Maxine and Richard Noar, the married couple behind Gentle Dental, sold their UK practice in 2007 and moved to Nelson with their first-born daughter and sat up their own business two years later when they bought the practice which they then moved to Bridge Street in Nelson in 2018. Richard Noar at Gentle Dental is highly trained and experienced with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and in helping people who are nervous of treatment. His wife, Maxine is practice manager. Richard has a real passion for helping people who are nervous of dental treatment and focusses on helping people to overcome their anxiety. The other passion restoring peoples smiles as the two are often linked since people who are anxious are too scared to go to the dentist. Richard is passionate about rebuilding broken smiles.
“Our name, Gentle Dental reflects our aim for the treatment we provide. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly and caring experience, alongside first-class dental treatment. Our customers will benefit from the latest technology available in equipment, materials, and technologies so you can not only have great dental health, but also a great smile”.

At Gentle Dental, there are different types ways to make you feel safe during your treatment. Heard about “the Magic Wand”? This is a goodbye to needles. The Wand is
small and non-threatening and doesn’t even look like a needle. The delivery of anaesthesia is so painless that many patients don’t even realise they are being given an injection. It looks entirely different to ordinary syringes as it looks like and is held like a pen while the local anaesthetic is delivered slowly and gently.

At Gentle Dental the hygiene therapy treatments, led by the experienced Dental Hygienist Olivia Kennedy, are essential for ongoing oral health and tooth care. Olivia approach to dental hygiene stems from her passion for customer comfort and her drive for excellent results. She is very friendly and gentle when cleaning, trained to provide a deep and thorough clean of your teeth and gums. Olivia will help to guide you how to look after your teeth and gums with the best techniques that will work for you.

Welcome to Gentle Dental, your exceptional dentist in the heart of Nelson.

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