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Street Food on Washington Street Art

So it all began with a huge white canvas. Our Landlord painted the building after we took over the lease.

We wanted to make our location pop and were looking for ways to make the shop be seen as an eatery after many years of the location being a dairy.

We put an ad on FB looking for local artists to do a mural for us.

After many enquiries and some pricey quotes we decided it would be better to open the space to up and coming and local artists alike.

There is currently a lot of great mural art in nelson, but we wanted something with a point of difference.

We offered free space on the wall to all only proviso was that the word street food must be written In any medium the artists like and limit the size of each piece.

They could then, in turn tag each piece with their own signature.

We could then end up with a community public art project that would give the opportunity to the smaller artists and end up with a fantastic wall of art that would represent our theme of street food and street art combined.

The result is really taking shape with more than half the wall already covered and a line of keen artists waiting to stake their claim on the wall

There are still a few spaces available.

Get in touch with the team at street food on Washington to reserve yours.

Contact: 03-970 0418 or

Click here to find out more…

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