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Tips For Buying In a Hot Market: NZHL Nelson Bays

Get advice and get sorted early!
Our consultants often talk to First Home Buyers who might be a year away from an actual purchase—that’s fine, you should be making use of people who can help you make a plan to get you to where you need to be. This could be family and friends, but also think outside your normal sphere and consider professional advice.
NZHL won’t charge you for the privilege of having that initial chat, or further chats for that matter! If you’re taking on a long term responsibility, you really want to try and plan things out ahead of time to make the most of the end game. Given it’s not unusual for our clients to pay off their home loans 10 years early, we like to think we can help with that end game conversation!
Make an appointment with our friendly team today to get ahead! ➡️

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