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Nelson Central School Fundraiser event 2021.

When: Sunday, 16 May 2021, 10:00am–3:00pm
Where: Nelson Central School, 70 Nile St, Nelson

The Central Challenge – Rogaine & Gala
The Central Challenge is a great day out in Central Nelson.
Join in our traditional gala revelry with spot prizes, stalls, games, activities and for the outdoorsy, enter an awesome Adventure Race (Rogaine), a 1 hour course great for families and the kids, and the 2 hour if you want more of a challenge.

Enter a business team and throw down the challenge to another company or team, sharing with your family, neighbours and friends.
This is a day packed with fun for everyone.

All proceeds go to improving the environment of Nelson Central School.

The Central Challenge Family Adventure Race & Gala: Nelson Central School’s main fundraising event for 2021.
The event is this Sunday, May 16th between 10am – 3pm at Central School, 70 Nile Street, Nelson.

This traditional School Gala and Rogaine Event in one, encourages a wide range of school’s whanau, community and local sponsors to embark in some active family fun, together.
Nelson Central School Gala places an emphasis on healthy, active, fundraising!  The Gala will be a buzz with the Rogaine, a 1 or 2 hour timed orienteering event with a map, clues and wild card prizes.
With a fun-filled Gala, as well as a Rogaine, there will be something for everyone; hot food, baking and refreshments at the Café, picnic and seated dining, Bouncy Castle Obstacle Course, Blast Body Zorb, Games Ally, Kombucha and our own Kid-preneur items for sale and many other games, food and activities.
To help our ‘waste free’ endeavours, we encourage you to bring your reusable bags, picnic gear and coffee cups… or a gold coin for the use of the “Wash n Go” wash station to minimise rubbish. Do not forget your drink bottles!
The Central Challenge Rogaine is very accessible to beginners and a good challenge to seasoned adventure racers.  You decide how hard, or easy, you want to go.  Enter as an individual, or as a company, family, community group, or group of friends.  Teams can be between 2 and 4.  Register online, before the day, and your entry goes in the draw to win one of our fantastic, sponsored prizes!

To find out more and register go to  Challenge other businesses, put the word out on our behalf!.

All proceeds will go to improving the environment of Nelson Central School.

You are UNIQUELY Nelson!  Thank you!

This event is sponsored by:
Switch Lighting, Nelson’s own LED light design and manufacturing company –“enhancing environments through lighting
Nelson Orthodontics, local’s choice of orthodontist for over 20 years – “DELIVERING SMILES OF CONFIDENCE
Pics Peanut Butter Slugs – “A hearty shot of the world’s finest smooth PB”


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