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Activate Physiotherapy – Your recovery is in safe hands

Activate Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a Nelson based physiotherapy clinic focussing on rehabilitation to help clients recover from injuries, surgery, joint and muscle conditions, chronic pain, breathing disorders and cancer.

Clinic owner and senior physiotherapist Helen Nott explains:
“Our experienced and well-qualified team offer one-to-one physiotherapy and exercise sessions and small group Pilates classes. We have an active, hands- on approach to rehabilitation and are passionate about engaging our clients in their treatment plan, encouraging a self-management approach and involving them as active participants as they regain full health and fitness. We have a strong commitment to education and injury prevention including health and safety in the workplace and work within a multi-disciplinary team to help clients to safely return to work following injury. Our team enjoys working in close collaboration with medical specialists and health practitioners of all disciplines.

As well as the usual physiotherapy services, Activate Physiotherapy are credentialed to deliver the PINC, STEEL and Next Steps cancer rehabilitation programmes and work extensively with patients recovering from cancer treatments including the management of lymphoedema. The program is delivered by Helen Nott and Kate Gordon who provide a full range of services designed to care, support and guide patients through every stage of their treatment and recovery. It is suitable after any type of cancer surgery or treatment and accommodates all ages, fitness levels and mobility. Treatment can be varied and tailored to meet individual needs.

Physical activity and exercise have proved to be an important part of cancer rehabilitation. Research shows that remaining physically active is a very important component in the recovery from cancer and the effects of its treatment. Both the disease itself and its treatment can lead to major physical, mental and social stresses. Rehabilitation aims to assist in improving a person’s physical function, quality of life and self-esteem and helps to reduce treatment related anxiety, sleep disorders and fatigue. Financial support is available for Activate clients via a trust fund.

Activate Physiotherapy are also suppliers of medical quality synthetic and human hair wigs to chemotherapy, medical hair loss and alopecia customers. Both Sandy Harvey and Kathy Tull are trained wig consultants and are committed to ensuring that you are well looked after throughout the process. They offer an exclusive range of Ellen Wille and Raquel Welch wigs. These come in stunning styles in both synthetic and human hair with amazing colour ranges. Headwear is also on offer. Support grants are available through the Ministry of Health and we can assist you with the necessary paperwork for your claim.

Helen Nott is a Bradcliff Breathing therapist and believes in the importance of efficient breathing to maintain optimal health throughout life. With today’s fast paced lifestyle many people experience stress and anxiety related breathing disorders. When this is combined with underlying respiratory problems such as asthma or other co-existing health problems the result is often debilitating. Breathing is the first step in regaining control.

Bradcliff Breathing practitioners are passionate about providing strategies that include education and drug free options. The Bradcliff method is a structured, research based physiotherapy assessment and treatment programme for treating functional breathing pattern disorders in people of all ages. It looks at dysfunctional breathing as an indicator of physiological and mechanical imbalances and psychological stress in the human body.

In addition Carly Olver has a passion for and post-graduate training in vestibular/concussion and pelvic floor rehabilitation. She is also a certified LSVT BIG Programme Clinician for the treatment of clients with Parkinson’s Disease. Carly enjoys team work, educating her clients and fostering self-management skills. She aims to provide exceptional client-focused care at all times.

Rebecca Peace is presently completing a post- graduate diploma in sports medicine and has a particular interest in vocational and sports rehabilitation and the management of concussion. She enjoys working with sportspeople of all ages.

We at Activate Physiotherapy are passionate about patient- centered, holistic healthcare. We aim to support our clients to achieve wellness and quality of life and restore them to as close to full function as is possible. Why not call Activate today to address your musculoskeletal issues- you’ll be in good hands!

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