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Do you know why myopia in childhood is a concern?Matthews Eyewear Eyecare Nelson Tasman

Modern lifestyles may influence the development of #ChildMyopia (also known as short-sightedness). This can include prolonged near tasks like reading and gaming on portable devices. It can also include the amount of time spent outdoors and poor lighting levels.

Do you know why myopia in childhood is a concern? 69% of NZ parents of kids under 18 don’t know that myopia refers to short-sightedness. To find out more, contact us or visit

Myopia Management
Myopia (short-sightedness) is a common visual condition, that is getting more common. Myopia typically requires glasses or contact lenses to see clearly in the distance but it also puts the eye at greater risk of cataracts, glaucoma and retinal disease later in life.

There are now alternatives to stronger glasses at every eye test for your child or teenager. Slowing down the progression of Myopia supports the long-term health of your, or your child’s, eyes.

Myopia develops due to a variety of factors – genetics, age and ethnicity play roles. But research is showing the environment and day-to-day activities also have an impact. Limited time spent outdoors, poor near focus, and long periods of near work may all influence how myopia develops.

What can you do?
By taking a proactive approach with Myopia Control or Management, rather than just simply correcting it with glasses, we can reduce the rate of progression, the development of high myopia and the risk of eye disease later in life.

Outdoor activity plays a role in reducing the development of myopia and making efforts to reduce screen time outside of school hours can help.

What can we do?
Matthews Optometrists are able to discuss optical therapies and medication that help slow the development of myopia – setting you, or your child, up for better long-term eye health. There are various simple strategies to reduce myopia progression, supported by clinical practice and research. Your optometrist can discuss the options and provide an individualised management and follow up plan.

What are my options?
Options include:
– MiSight® Contact Lenses – Daily Disposable soft contact lenses worn during the day to provide both clear vision and reduce myopia progression due to their dual focus design.

– Orthokeratology – Also known as OrthoK, these are specially designed contact lenses that are worn at night. During the day vision is clear and no contact lenses are required.

– Atropine Eye Drops – Low dose prescription eyedrops have been used for many years to slow myopia.

– Specialised Lens Designs – while contact lenses and eyedrops show the greatest effiectiviness, there may be reasons to choose specialised glasses lenses, like Zeiss MyoVision®, to reduce myopia progression.

Talk to an Expert
All Matthews Eyewear Eyecare practices offer Myopia Control Options. Our optometrists can evaluate your child’s risk of myopia development and progression; and discuss the latest treatments to slow, or even halt myopia progression.

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