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State Cinemas Nelson – A great place to go to escape the winter cold

Going to a movie theatre is a great way to get a big group of friends or an entire family together. It is also a favourite date idea because you can enjoy your date’s company without any awkward silences. Even with the latest advancements in high-definition television and countless mediocre original streaming series, nothing matches the grandeur and excitement that comes with the shared experience of seeing a memorable movie on the silver screen.

First of all, the atmosphere of going to the cinema to watch movies is different from at home. There’s something to be said about watching visual storytelling at its best, on the big screen! You get a much better watching experience because there are bigger screens, state of the art sound systems, which creates a complete immersion in a different world. Winter is just around the corner and with the darkness and cold weather outside, it’s the perfect time for a movie night!

Nelson State Cinemas is a great place to go to escape the winter cold. Blockbusters are back, with a great lineup for the next few months, so you have plenty of options when it comes to cold weather entertainment at the cinema in Nelson. And who doesn’t love a great movie, fresh popcorn, and a glass of wine with your loved ones?

The cinema is a locally owned and operates 9 screens independent cinema, showing films that range from Art House to Blockbuster. They have children’s prices, and booster seats available for young ones. The Nelson Cinema Complex has a fine Art Deco façade and is a landmark in Nelson. In 2012 the cinema was refurbished and ‘state of the art’ projection technology was installed. The Cinema converted to digital in 2014, so gone are the days of the old film projectors rolling 35mm reels. It’s all digital now, and each film is downloaded onto a server and screened using state of the art equipment.

Occasionally, we have sneak previews like this weekend with “Spirit, Untamed” or join State Cinemas for an exciting Red-Carpet event night.

General Manager Sonia Simao explains:

“Weekly, on a Thursday evening we select a premiering film and add in a special treat, either a large popcorn or a wine, beer or juice from Stefano’s. Ticket Price $22 or for Students & Seniors only $17.50. An opportunity to get your friends together for a night out at the movies or great for a corporate occasion”.

Contact to make a group booking or visit our website for more details.

The French Film Festival Aotearoa is back for 2021, spanning from the 9th to the 23rd of June.

With a phénoménale lineup of 21 of the best in French cinema from last year, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Tickets for this year’s sessions at the Suter Theatre are on sale now – head to to check out the trailers, and to book!

Price for adults $17.50, senior (65yrs and over) $12.50, Student (must bring ID) $14.00, Child (12yrs and under) $12.00, Alliance Francaise Members Only (must bring ID) $14.50.

State Cinemas also has a special event called Kids and Carers for parents with babies in arms or others with special needs (lower volume and a bit more light). Available the first Wednesday of the month (outside the School Holidays). Please ring the box office for details or to book as this will not be a publicly advertised screening.

There are baby changing facilities available upstairs and downstairs.

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Films are often seen primarily as a form of entertainment, but it’s worth remembering cinema is also an art form.  The popcorn has popped so what are you waiting for? Figuring out exactly which of the great movies available, is the one you’re going to commit to tonight? No matter what you’re looking for, romance-drama-comedy or thriller there is always something you will enjoy.

So put your glamour on and escape into a different world, let State Cinemas entertain you!

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