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Welcome to Hospitality New Zealand – your voice

Hospitality NZ is a voluntary trade association which has operated since 1902 and currently represents over 3,000 hospitality businesses throughout New Zealand, including Taverns, Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail Liquor and Commercial Accommodation providers such as Camping Grounds, Lodges, Motels, Hotels and Backpackers. Hospitality New Zealand’s Upper South Island Branch regional Manager for the Branch is Kim Odendaal, based here in Nelson. Kim is a hospitality industry expert and advisor with 20 years of international experience, covering New Zealand, the USA and South Africa.  She has a wide range of knowledge, experience and contacts.
“As a Regional Manager for Hospitality New Zealand, I enjoy using my strong hospitality, sales and communications skills to offer up to date and insightful guidance to hospitality industry business owners and thrive on the opportunity to problem solve and effectively handle member queries.”

Hospitality New Zealand is all about giving hospitality operators a helping hand in as many ways with their business. Hospitality New Zealand is the leading voice of hospitality in New Zealand and represents more than 22,000 businesses in a sector that employs over 170,000 people. They speak for a sector that contributes $11 billion to New Zealand’s economy and regularly consult with both National and Local Government, as well as key industry stakeholders, to ensure that the concerns and views of their members are clearly heard.

Kim explains:

“Our vision is to add value to members through expert advice and providing a vital link between the hospitality industry and the government. We work tirelessly on behalf of our members to promote the industry, partner with the government to prevent restrictive legislation, protect commercial interests and to spearhead innovation for a sustainable future.”

As the trusted body, Hospitality New Zealand seeks to unlock the industry’s full potential as a significant engine for growth in the New Zealand economy and to ensure that the industry’s needs are represented by engaging with the government, the media, industry stakeholders, owners, employees and customers.

Hospitality New Zealand was established in 1902 as the United Licensed Victuallers representing the interests of around 3000 hospitality and commercial accommodation businesses. In 1958 it was renamed as the Hotel Association of New Zealand, in 1995 it became the Hospitality Association of New Zealand (HANZ) and in 2011 it became Hospitality New Zealand.

“We add value to members by providing strong advocacy at central and local government, HR advice, inhouse legal advice and business advice. Members have unlimited access to a resource library with 150+ written documents such as employment agreements, guides and templates to support administration and help navigate the burden of managing compliance”, says Kim.
Membership of Hospitality New Zealand is voluntary and is primarily funded by member subscriptions and comprises predominantly small businesses.

From 24/7 expert support and advice on all employment and liquor licensing issues from their Regional Managers and in-house lawyer, to saving heaps on your operating costs, to their up-to-date library of free business resources and member discounted offers. Members also have access to a range of member training opportunities to upskill and help upsell their business, a scholarship programme to nurture future industry leaders, free marketing of members’ businesses and industry recognition through their Awards for Excellence programme. Hospitality New Zealand also hosts a significant number of events, webinars and seminars for their members and the wider hospitality industry.
“Business ownership is challenging among the everyday pressures already experienced by our local business owners, the covid crisis and market factors add more pressure and Hospitality New Zealand are here to support. Our Nelson Branch is aiming to build up the social side of the Branch to assist our members in connecting and supporting each other”, says Kim.

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