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NO PLACE – Emma Lay at Refinery ArtSpace

NO PLACE – Emma Lay.
“I am inspired by aerial perspectives of landscapes. The view of the world below distances me from the familiar and in doing so changes my relationship with it. I can observe, unnoticed. Similarly here, the world of these clay figures goes on behind a barrier of glass, witnessed by the passer-by with that same sense of detachment.
The mass movement of people is one of the biggest stories of our time. Media coverage exposes us to the plight of thousands of migrants and refugees around the world. Images show:- lines of people on the move; families; elderly; children; whole communities shifting; hundreds and thousands of people; slow moving; walking; carrying luggage; heading away; fleeing; escaping; chancing it; seeking a better life or just seeking a means to stay alive. ”
Refinery ArtSpace window until 2nd July.

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