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Eclectic Antique Centre – A lovely selection of vintage in the heart of Nelson

Ready to scour your local antique store in search of the perfect vintage piece to add to your home? Eclectic Antique Centre is truly an Aladdin’s cave of interesting and unique pieces of handpicked interior décor. The store offers eclectic, art, retro, shabby chic, rustic, Victorian, colonial, “kiwiana,” antique furniture, estate jewellery, industrial furniture, vintage clothing, mid-century, China glassware and pottery. The shop collection mostly comes through the front door from local Nelsonians, auctions, estate sales, and stock sourced from the USA.

Eclectic Antique Centre has become a popular destination stop for tourists, collectors, connoisseurs, interior designers, and bargain hunters. The owner of Eclectic Antiques is Maria Henare, and it has been a family business with her husband Shane until his death in December 2020.

Maria and Shane have been in the antique trade for over 30 years. They have had the store on Hardy Street for 12 years, and Maria is now opening a new shop just across the road. She explains that she has so many things in storage, and she needs to get them out.

When they purchase an estate lot, the option can be, in some instances, to take everything, and there will be some items that are not suitable for the main store. Thus, the need to open store number two. In this new shop, she will sell all that she would not put into Eclectic. The new shop will be more like a vintage op-shop with Eclectic clearance items, still cool and with an excellent display but more affordable than the items you would find over at Eclectic.

Eclectics window display is always striking and catches your attention when you pass by. It undoubtedly stands out from the crowd, and they have the most stunning Christmas displays each year.

Combining old and new or marrying vintage with modern can produce a room scheme that looks like it has evolved over many years. Blending current trends with inherited pieces and items that have sentimental importance is what makes our homes unique and personal. Eclectic is the place to go.

The word eclectic is an adjective in interior design, meaning a décor that comprises heterogeneous elements, a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colours. By incorporating antiques with your existing décor gives your home an inviting, lived-in look. Eclecticism is a style that can easily evolve and change with you over time, depending on your mood and taste.

The only rules to finding the perfect antique for your space are to follow your gut and keep an open mind on how a piece can be used in a particular room. If you love it, you will always find a place for it.

Welcome to Eclectic, your source for creating a unique home for a life less ordinary!


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