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Grant Sheehan’s Does Ava Dream Monday 5th July – 31st July: Refinery ArtSpace

Grant Sheehan’s Does Ava Dream Monday 5th July – 31st July. Using sculpture, photography and video, Paremata artist Grant Sheehan explores current AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to visualise what an AI dream might look like; in this case, Ava’s. (Ava, the heroine in the 2014 sci-fi thriller ex-machina, serves here as a metaphor for an AI conscious humanoid.) Grant will be here between 3.30 – 5.30 Monday 5th July to meet and talk about his work.

Next week we will also be looking at the night sky and the moon and welcoming Te Ramaroa and Cultural Conversations into the building with Maramatanga an installation, 10-000 Fireflies – A workshop with Mr Science each night during Te Ramaroa, Voice Collective – Hijo de La Luna, and workshops with Heidi Lucas and Fiona Ingram under the moon.

Only two places still available…

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A fabulous Voice Collective experience under the moon!

And finally….

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