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EMS training is perfect if you are time poor: bodywave

EMS training is perfect if you are time poor as it is ONLY 20 minutes once or twice a week! Book now for your full body strength training session

Take advantage of the most effective training regime where muscle groups are activated simultaneously, delivering optimal conditioning, fat burning and muscle tightening ⚡️
With EMS’s full body workout you will achieve your goals

EMS full body strength training using trusted miha bodytech technology, SAVES time! Our experienced team at bodywave will give you an effective & efficient training in a safe & reputable environment.

Bodywave have been specialising in EMS training since 2017. Full body muscle strengthening workouts in only 20 minutes. Owner & Personal Trainer Flower Bradley is one of the most experienced EMS trainers and operators of the EMS computer & equipment in New Zealand. Excellence in customers service & working alongside a team that is trained & dedicated in providing safe & reputable EMS trainings is paramount.
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