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Plastic Free July Laundry Solutions: Global Soap

Go Nuts!
Following on from our earlier newsletter focusing on Plastic Free July and solid bar bathroom alternatives, today we put the spotlight on the laundry and provide opportunities for you to further embrace the elimination of single use plastics. When encouraging folks to try planet friendly alternatives, it’s important the products perform as well or better than their incumbents or the momentum stalls. Through personal use and customer reviews, we can confirm the products listed below work exceptionally well.

Let’s start by going nuts for Soap Nuts!
Soap Nuts are nature’s laundry solution. A biodegradable, hypoallergenic, sustainable ‘nut’ that washes your clothes naturally. Native to Nepal and India the nuts are actually fruit of the ‘Sapindus Mukorossi’ tree. When the fruit ripens and falls from the tree, local families harvest and deseed them. The dried shell is full of natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal elements known as Saponin (or nature’s own detergent) and are sun dried using absolutely no chemical or manufacturing processes. Saponin is released during the agitation phase of wash cycle. Suitable for front loaders (any where in the load) and top loader machines (placed at the bottom of the load) and are suitable for any temperature and machine type. Return your used shells to the earth by simply tossing them into your compost bin!

As Soap Nuts are an unscented, natural washing solution, we recommend adding a drop or two of the Global Soap Essential Oil Laundry Blend for a fresh citrus scent.

Laundry Blend

A gorgeous lemony scented Essential Oil Laundry Blend gives your laundry a fresh, clean aroma and lifts your spirits as you do one of life’s most mundane chores. Scent your laundry by adding a few drop’s to your final rinse or to your Soap Nut wash bag for a fresh clean lemon burst and extra antiseptic protection.

This blend, in a 20ml dropper bottle, is a great way to incorporate essential oils in your everyday living. From cleaning the benches to the drains or simply add a few drops to your vacuum cleaner filter bag or onto the cardboard tube of your toilet paper for a fresh clean scent – the uses are endless. Global Soap’s Essential Oil Laundry Blend is a relaxing and refreshing mix of Lemon, Lemon Scented Teatree and Lemon Myrtle.

Biodegradable Whitening Powder

100% Sodium Percarbonate Whitening Powder keeps your white’s naturally white. Sodium Percarbonate is an environmentally safe and biodegradable natural oxygen bleach which leaves no harmful by-products or residues impacting the earth. Excellent for removing stains from fabrics and other house hold cleaning. Also gentle enough to use on septic systems and modern cloth nappies. Global Soap’s Whitening Powder is an excellent pairing with Soap Nuts!

Stain Remover Bar

Many a skeptic has been won over after they have tried Global Soap’s Stain Removing bar. Made from an old Swedish recipe the bar removes stubborn stains from fabrics, carpet and upholstery. After rinsing the affected area with a healthy dose of water, liberally rub the solid bar over and around the stain. Leave for a good 30 – 60 mins before placing in a washing machine or rinsing off. DOC here in the upper South Island use our bars to remove all the muck and grime from their uniforms due to its effectiveness and because it’s a bio-degradable, eco-friendly solution.

It’s also a fantastic portable essential in any travel kit. Cut off a piece for shorter breaks or take the whole bar for extended backpacking trips – you never know when you might need to remove a blood stain or spilled red wine out of your favourite top when you’re exploring the world and making friends. Kiwi’s lust for exploration will return once the world re-opens!

Scented with Global Soap’s Essential Oil Laundry Blend.

Don’t Forget About Our July Free Offer!!

To kick start your plastic free transition to solid bars this month we have a BIG JULY OFFER. Spend over $40 online with us this month and you will receive not one but TWO free Body Soaps (large size, no packaging). You also get to choose your favourites from our range of 11 heavenly bars. Just type in the bars you would like (for example ‘Manuka’ and/or ‘Calendula’) into the notes field when placing an order. Available until July 31.

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