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Cartridge Universe – The Smartest Idea in Printer Supplies

In many consumer reports, it is found that having to replace ink cartridges too often was among the most common complaints. So, it’s no surprise that products and services have sprung up in recent years to help people address those concerns.

No one thinks of their printer until it breaks down or the ink or toner bill comes in.
Cartridge Universe in Nelson is here to help you. They can offer what no one else can provide in Nelson when it comes to providing printing and document solutions suited to the smallest domestic home user printer to large corporate users and everyone in between. They are experts in providing print solutions to ensure that companies don’t need to think about printer issues so they can focus on being successful.

The locally owned and operated family business has over 16 years of experience in the printer industry, providing printing solutions and refilling and refurbishing ink and toner/laser cartridges, plus providing genuine brand and their own brand cartridges as well.

The family-owned company has built a strong brand and managed to grow with stores in both Richmond and here in Nelson.

“We really know what we sell and have a wide range of printers, multifunctional devices, Sharp document solutions, ink cartridges, laser toners, colour cartridges, photo paper and other accessories. As well as filling your empty cartridges, Cartridge Universe also produces its own branded cartridges.

These Cartridge Universe ink and toner cartridges are engineered and manufactured in world-class, high-tech facilities to match the quality of the printers they are intended for and are reducing our customers business and consumer printing costs by at least 30 percent. They provide the same quality printing but much better value and are compatible with all of the leading printer brands, including HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung, and many more.
You will find the same wide range for laser printers as well – and of course with the same service and competence.

This means that we can have broad knowledge and extensive experience of various ink and laser cartridges and printers. Whether you are looking for original cartridges, compatible cartridges or want to have your cartridge refilled*, you will find it. This means that we can offer the best service to you as a customer, regardless of which printer brand you have.
Whether you are printing in colour or black and white, with an inkjet printer, laser printer or a photocopier, the printer needs to be refilled with new ink and toner from time to time. If you need colour cartridges, you can of course get them at Cartridge Universe, and if you are looking for ink cartridges for black and white printing, we also have them.
Actually, Cartridge Universe are so confident that their ink and toner cartridges will match or out-perform branded printer cartridges that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“We use only the best quality imaging supplies, and we guarantee that cartridges supplied by our company will perform as well as manufacturers original equipment under similar conditions”, says Cartridge Universe business owner Deborah Waddington.

Changing customer printing preferences, inconsistent product quality, competition and technological advancements have all had an impact on the Cartridge Universe. Their specialized knowledge makes them experts in their field, and they have built a reputation for providing customers with high-quality products.
Finding the most suitable ink cartridges for your printer is essential for both home users and businesses.
“We pride ourselves on finding the best value option for your printing needs and offer a large selection of services to help our customers. Printers come and go, and we know what’s coming and what’s history. We always strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We always want to do the best for the customer by understanding their wishes and needs. Solving a problem that leads to us getting a satisfied customer, that is our satisfaction”, says Deborah.

Cartridge Universe in Nelson has solutions that will help you reduce this wastage and will improve the condition of the environment, and that is to refill cartridges.
Deborah explains:
“That’s why we provide consumers and businesses with an alternative to reduce the impact of the millions of cartridges that are thrown away and end up in landfill each year. Refilled and re-manufactured printer cartridges ensure these products are reused. That’s worthwhile because it is estimated to take over 450 to 1000 years for a printer cartridge to break down in landfill. We value our role as a custodian and are doing everything we can to reduce the environmental impact”.

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