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F45 Nelson – A hub of positivity

It’s a global franchise that was born in Australia. Independently owned and run by a dynamic duo (brother and sister) combo Mitchell and Belinda, we are lucky to have this in our city.
Previously you may have seen Mitchell with his Real Estate hat/James Bond advertisements at the movie theatre. He is down to earth, organised and a motivated fellow who knows how to run a business and listen to the clientele.
His sister, Belinda, is no stranger to sports as she married a professional Rugby player and lived in Japan. She loves seeing the locals get stuck in and commit to their health.
“It’s an honour to be able to facilitate this style of exercise for a living. We are a tight-knit family all born in Nelson and enjoy working together with our amazing team making a real difference in people’s lives”, says Belinda.
It’s just gone 7 am and you can feel the buzz in the air as the class begins. The instructors Cass & Lizzy are fun and healthy humans who know how to get you into the mindset of exercise. My head still feels like it’s asleep, but there’s no time to wallow. The instructors demonstrate the movements for the next 45 minutes. It’s a circuit where I will need to muster my energy to complete multiple laps.
There’s laughter, and the music starts pumping and I forget about my morning slumber and focus on coordinating my limbs (easier said than done) but there are screens with easy to follow images that even with my lack of experience at this style of activity, I feel comfortable and move in time with the group.
There’s no pressure to push the biggest weights in the room and no mirrors to remind me I could lose a few kilos, it’s all about maintaining movement and going with the energy in the room. I begin to feel the pump, as my arms adapt to the weights. It feels good! Everyone is having a good time, and it’s infectious.
Ok, I’m sweating now, but it feels good working my way through the various exercises. I can feel myself loosening up and the timer goes and we change to the next activity. I feel out of breath but there’s only 2 sets to go. Time is flying!
Ok, now I’m feeling it. Time to have a rest and catch my breath. It feels great to be able to do this at my own pace. Some of the group are seasoned pro’s and they charge onwards. Lizzy helps me get my position correct and encourages us with a big smile as we head towards the final set. Then the buzzer sounds, and that’s it. I feel amazing! Was that 45 minutes… really?
Everyone is united in accomplishment and I can’t wait to start the day. Certainly feeling a lot better than I would if I slept in! I notice a friend across the room and we catch up over a coffee in the cafe. What a way to start the day! I want to take on the world! Sam runs the cafe independently and does a great coffee or healthy snack.
The F45 format is unique compared to a regular gym. It’s only open when there is a class scheduled and members don’t pay a joining fee. There’s an app you download to book your sessions. They have regular challenges throughout the year which helps with the motivation factor.
Mitchell says,” We have been operating for 3 years and love hearing our members achieve life-changing results. We have a body scan system which allows us to measure progress and so far we have managed to burn off 4 tonnes of unwanted body fat in our local community.”
You can even exercise with friends and cheer each other on in other countries with the latest in screen technology.
F45 has a great culture, and won’t soak up all of your time. It’s ideal for busy people who want to get fit with a group of like-minded, positive locals. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, there is something for everyone.
During August they have the F45 Challenge, which I can see how they get results for the members. Why not visit them and have a go!

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